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This web site has been established to help citizen scientists observe the effects of climate change on native plants in central New York.

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Climate change is bringing warmer temperatures to this region. These changes are undoubtedly already accelerating the timing of the spring opening of flower buds and leaves, the summer growth of fruits, and potentially delaying the autumn coloring and drop of leaves, events called "plant phenology". These shifts in timing could greatly affect the local survival of many native plant populations by disrupting their needed synchronicity with pollinating insects. The range of these plant populations may be rapidly advancing northward.

Associated with a national effort, a network of citizen scientists is being established in central New York to observe the timing of flowering, leaf development, fruiting, and leaf drop in populations of common native trees and herbaceous species. This site will help observers to enter their data on the timing of important plant events through the growing season.

This research was conducted using the resources of the Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing, which receives funding from Cornell University, New York State, the National Science Foundation, and other leading public agencies, foundations, and corporations.